Month: July 2017

Streams in the Wasteland

Every time I hear the word “wasteland,” I think of that huge map on Call Duty: Modern Warfare. That map where you’d be camped out in a shed and all of a sudden you get picked off by some unseen sniper in a Ghillie Suit. I miss playing COD. I miss all of it—the altercations with racist 13-year-old boys

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How to Survive in the Wilderness with Nothing

Most of us are not Bear Grylls. We don’t know how to build a three-bedroom bungalow from banana leaves or zip line across a ravine using braided wild goat hair. The majority of us don’t know how to extract copious amounts of water from a dried-up river bed. For the more common type of folk,

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Seven Exhilarating Outdoor Things to Do in Atlanta

It’s easy to understand why the Peach State’s slogan is “Georgia on my mind.” How could it not be on your mind? This place is gorgeous. Mountains, beaches, swamps, rivers, forests, and lakes galore. Even if you’re not the one-with-nature hippie sort, Georgia’s vibrant capital teems with excitement. So next time you’ve got Georgia on

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