Month: December 2017

The Seven Best Campgrounds in Tennessee

Camping atop mountains with a mountain range in view, best campgrounds in Tennessee

There’s just nothing quite like sleeping outdoors. Those who have never tried it may say that they prefer the softness of a bed, but sleeping outdoors can rejuvenate your body, soul, and spirit in ways that nothing else can. Campgrounds in Tennessee are among the best in the South. In addition to the Great Smoky Mountains

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The Ultimate Guide to Hiking in Winter: 14 Winter Backpacking Tips and Winter Hiking Apparel

hiking in winter winter backpacking tips

Today, December 21st is the first official day of winter this year, but just because the first snow has fallen and temperatures have plummeted doesn’t mean that it’s time to put up your hiking boots. In fact, hiking in winter has its definite benefits. Much foliage has cleared off trees meaning that you can get some

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Best Christmas Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts: A Shopping Guide


Christmas shopping is easy if you’re looking for a girl under five-years-old (hint: you can never go wrong with a baby doll). Otherwise, it’s hard. Does anyone feel me on this? I mean how do you pick something that won’t break the bank and that the receiver will actually enjoy? Do you take the easy way out

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Hiking Trails with Waterfalls in Georgia

Ira was the one who introduced to me hiking. We met in one of my college philosophy classes, and we instantly clicked. People who saw us together must have indeed thought that we were an odd couple — he was about 60 years old with a white beard and a bald spot smack dab in

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