About the Blog

“Fresh beauty opens one’s eyes wherever it is really seen, but the very abundance and completeness of the common beauty that besets our steps prevents its being absorbed and appreciated. It is a good thing, therefore, to make short excursions now and then to the bottom of the sea among dulse and coral, or up among the clouds on mountain-tops, or in balloons, or even to creep like worms into dark holes and caverns underground, not only to learn something of what is going on in those out-of-the-way places, but to see better what the sun sees on our return to common everyday beauty.”

-John Muir, The Mountains of California (1894)

Regardless of how you may have wandered to this page, welcome! You’re in the right place because this blog addresses two things every person needs in life: Jesus and the great outdoors.

But Why Exploration Adoration?

Well, God created us to adore Him (and others) and to explore and enjoy his creation. He put Adam and Eve, the first humans, in a garden for goodness sake.

Spending time outdoors and admiring the Lord’s handiwork not only helps us draw nearer to God but it is actually beneficial for the human body. If you’re active outdoors, then you reap the obvious benefits of exercise, but even sitting for five minutes around trees and other green spaces can improve mood, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, and increase our ability to focus.

I believe God provided this beautiful Earth as a playground for his children to enjoy and explore. Hiking, camping, caving, paddling, or any other outdoor thing is a way for you to exercise, relieve stress, push your limits, get to know your interests, connect with others, and so much more.

Exploration Adoration is here to help you enjoy the outdoors. With practical information, gear guides, trail recommendations, and other useful insight, you’ll soon be echoing the words of famous naturalist and environmental philosopher John Muir, “The mountains are calling, and I must go.”

About the Author

Hello, everyone! My name is Darlene. This strapping young lad in the picture below is my husband.

My husband and I on Arabia Mountain

The outdoors have not always been a passion of mine, but once I started exploring, I have never stopped. There’s just something about being outside that gets me going. I especially love heart-pounding, adrenaline pumping things like skydiving, zip lining, and waterfall climbing.

Me about to skydive

When I’m not outdoors, you can catch me at home taking care of my little one eating something chocolatey or cheesy, or maybe both (and feeling guilty about it later).

Well, that’s all folks. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Send me a message or comment or something, and make my day.